Trees of Righteousness

Living and Lasting Evidence of God

I am writing from my heart to yours, praying that the treasures I’ve shared from the Scriptures will bless you as they have me and enable you to keep fighting the good fight of faith. I am compelled by my deep desire to present the Word of God in a manner that would cause you to fall in love with Jesus, the Living Word of God. God wants you to experience Him—His power, His miracles, His peace, and His salvation. Through this Bible study, I pray that you find your heart restored and your soul filled and satisfied. I pray that you will experience outbursts of joy and a changed life! I yearn for you not to be deceived by the enemy of your souls. I believe with my whole heart that as you are rooted and built up in Christ and strengthened in your faith, that miracles will happen, and your lives will be forever changed…springing up overflowing gratefulness and praise to our amazing Savior, Jesus Christ!

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